What to Expect From PUGB: Mobile’s Livik

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With the new 0.19.0 update in PUB Mobile comes the additions of a plethora of new features amd content, one such type of new content being new maps.

The newest map being added into PUBG Mobile is Livik, and if you want to know all the necessary details about it, then this is just the guide for you!

What to Expect in PUBG Mobile’s Livik Map

Livik is going to be the smallest map ever in the history of PUBG, even smaller than Sanhok, with an area of just 2×2 km. This map is a combination of all the other four maps so far in PUBG (Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok and Vikendi). Additionally, this map is customized for PUBG Mobile only.

Covered all over with greenery and blossoms, Livik is best described as a Nordic map, similar to Sanhok and Erangel. The north-eastern side of the map is all covered with snow and snow-capped mountains like in Vikendi. In the south-western side, you will find all barren land just like that of Miramar, truly showing how Livik combines the best of every other map in PUBG Mobile.

Since the map is so much smaller than usual, the number of players has been restricted to 52 for now, rather than the usual 100 players that are present in any other map. This is, consequently, going to give campers a much tougher time to exist as the zone is going to be moving much quicker.

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The reduced map size has also given reason for developers to set the match time duration to a mere 15 minutes. This is ideal for players who want to get in a quick match, and then leave.

There are tons of other new and unique features in Livik, like a hot spring which will let you heal when you enter it, a monster truck that lets you traverse through the rocky terrains of Livik easily, new weapons, and so much more!

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What to Expect From PUGB: Mobile’s Livik


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