What to Do With Junk Scrap in Marauders: Junk Scrap Guide


Marauders is a tactical first-person shooter that has become popular less than a month after its release. And even though the game is in early access, it already has a lot of cool features that attract players. Players will have to raid various spaceships to find cool weapons, equipment, and resources for surviving. Moreover, the game has a cool crafting system. Therefore, in this guide, we will tell you what to do with Junk Scrap in Marauders.

Marauders: Junk Scrap Guide

In Marauders, you have to collect a lot of different loot. In each raid, you can find different weapons, equipment, resources, and other items. Some of them are useful, and some are not so. And the game has a handy Scrapping feature that allows you to turn unnecessary items into useful resources.

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One of the first quests you will receive in the game is the Basic Resupply quest. To complete it, you must simply bring 3 pieces of Junk Scrap. This is one of the resources that you will get by Scrapping various items. Items have a different chance of getting each of the resources. Here are some examples:

  • M16 – 30% Junk Scrap, 35% Metal Scrap, 35% Synthetic Scrap
  • Pouch Rig – 30% Junk Scrap, 70% Synthetic Scrap

And of all the resources, Junk Scrap is the most useless. You can sell it for $17. Also, Junk Scrap is required for a few crafting recipes like VZ-Klobb or Sack Bag. But for the best items, you will need rarer resources. Lastly, sometimes you will need some Junk Scrap to complete quests.

That’s all you need to know about what to do with Junk Scrap in Marauders. Use our tips, and you will be able to use this resource effectively. And while you are here, take a look at our guide on how to destroy Space Mines in Marauders.

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What to Do With Junk Scrap in Marauders: Junk Scrap Guide


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