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Marauders: How to Activate the Distress Beacon

Marauders: How to Activate the Distress Beacon

One of the most significant and exciting parts of Marauders is ships. While playing the game, you will be supposed to unlock various spacecraft. And one of the essential ships in this game is The Capital Ship. Read this guide, and you will find out how to activate the distress beacon in Marauders.

How to Activate the Distress Beacon in Marauders

The first and foremost thing you need to know is that you can start various beneficial quests on The Capital Ship. They will not take much time but will bring pretty good rewards, which is exceptionally cool. And one of the most straightforward missions you can complete here is distress beacon.

However, before completing this quest, you should take into account that all enemies you will meet while completing it will be geared up with potent armor. Therefore, it would be best if you aim at their heads to kill them as fast as possible.

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And when you are inside the Capital Ship, head to the central ram to find NPC. Talk with him to start the distress mission. From this room, you should turn left and head upstairs. Here you will see a few rooms. However, you should enter the first room on the left side.

By doing it, you will enter one of the most significant rooms in Marauders. And inside it, there is a Distress Beacon. You only need to approach it and hold the interact button for 3 seconds to complete the mission. After that, you will have a few minutes to take as much loot as possible and escape this area.

In conclusion, activating the Distress Beacon is one of the most straightforward quests in Marauders. You only need to have good aiming skills and powerful armor to finish it and get your reward. So, thank you for reading the guide. Hope you find it helpful!

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Marauders: How to Activate the Distress Beacon


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