What To Do After Story Mode in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Check out what to do once you have finished the main story line of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet! There is so much more to battle and collect!

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet do not end when the story is completed! There is so much more to do and see, and more Pokemon to catch. Find out below everything available to do when you have cleared the game, and what to do after story mode in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

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What to Do in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet After Clearing the Game

There is plenty to see and do after the game has been completed including battles, catching legendary Pokemon, tournaments and so much more.

Collect Paradox Pokemon

The Paradox Pokemon start showing up after the game is completed. If you want to get all of these you will have to do some fierce trading with other players as they are ‘version exclusives’. Here are the Paradox Pokemon available:

  • Scream Tail
  • Iron Valiant
  • Iron Bundle
  • Flutter Mane
  • Iron Jugulis
  • Roaring Moon
  • Iron Thorns
  • Sandy Shocks
  • Iron Moth
  • Slither Wing
  • Iron Hands
  • Brute Bonnet
  • Iron Treads
  • Great Tusk

To collect some of these Paradox Pokemon just revisit the Area Zero in the Great Crater of Paldea!

Use Koraidon or Miraidon in Battle

Koraidon (via Pokemon)

Koraidon and Moraidon are end-game (Lvl60+) Legendary Pokemon. Koraidon is in Pokemon Scarlet, while Moraidon is in Pokemon Violet. Once the game is cleared and you have had the chance to battle and work hard to gain one of these, depending on your version, you will be able to use the in battle by selecting from the menu and adding to a vacant slot.

Miraidon (via Pokemon)

It is possible to have both of these legendary Pokemon, you just need to have a friend with the other version, and to trade duplicates! A duplicate can be found if you clear the game and then go behind the building where to final battle takes place in Area Zero. Good luck!

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Catch the 4 Treasures of Ruin

The 4 Treasures of Ruin are extra special Pokemon only found after pulling out stakes found all over the map. Each Pokemon has a corresponding stake that, when pulled, will cause the Treasure of Ruin to appear in its shrine. These 4 Pokemon are:

  • Ting-Lu
  • Chien-Pau
  • Wo-Chien
  • Chi-Yu

Rematch with Gym Leaders

Once the game is finished you can go and battle with the Gym Leaders again. If you beat all the Gym Leaders, you will be eligible to enter the Academy Ace Tournament! The Gym Leader Teams up for a rematch are:

  • Katy
  • Brassius
  • Iono
  • Kofu
  • Larry
  • Ryme
  • Tulip
  • Grusha

The Academy Ace Tournament

Once you have beat the Gym Leaders in rematches you will be strong enough to enter the tournament and battle the school’s students and faculty!

Academy Ace Tournament (via Pokemon)

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Rematch with Team Star Bosses

There are also rematches available once a day with Team Star Bosses at their bases. Their Pokemon are high level (65+) so make sure you attempt these once you have unlocked the Legendary and Paradox Pokemon first! The Team Star Bosses are:

  • Giacomo – Dark Base – Level 21
  • Mela – Fire Base – Level 27
  • Atticus – Poison Base – Level 33
  • Ortega – Fairy Base – Level 51
  • Eri – Fighting Base – Level 56

Black Crystal Raid Battles

Beat the Academy Ace Tournament to be able to take on this challenge! These raids are where you will be able to get rare items such as Ability Patches and Herba Mystica- an ingredient important for making shiny sandwiches! This is also where you will encounter Event Pokemon.

Unlock the Judge Function

After completing the game, players can talk to the receptionist at any Pokemon Center to unlock the Judge Function. This function lets you see your Pokemon’s Individual Values (or IVs).

Complete the Pokedex

Complete the entire Paldea Pokedex to gain a special reward! There are over 400 Pokemon to find from across both versions.

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Collect all Technical Machines

Collecting all the Technical Machines (TMs) will also register the recipes, which is good for those players who want to teach moves to their Pokemon.

Collect All Gimmighoul Coins

When a player defeats a Gimmighoul, it drops a coin. Collect enough of these coins to earn a special reward!

Collect All Sandwich Recipes

There are so many recipes to collect, and each of them gives a different buff. Collect them all once you have completed the game and have the chance to gain Herba Mystica by entering the Academy Ace Tournament and doing 6-star Raid Battles!

Sandwich in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (via Pokemon)

Collect All Special Poke Balls

Special Poke Balls have different effects on catching Pokemon. Get them as a reward for catching a certain amount of Pokemon, or buy them at the Port Marinada Auction. These are the Special Poke Balls:

  • Beast Ball
  • Dream Ball
  • Friend Ball
  • Moon Ball
  • Love Ball
  • Lure Ball
  • Level Ball
  • Heavy Ball
  • Fast Ball

Collect All Breeding Essentials

As you may have guessed, these are items essential for breeding Pokemon! Here is what is available:

  • Power Items
  • Oval Charm
  • Lucky Egg
  • Everstone
  • Destiny Knot
  • High IV Ditto

Collect All Battle Items

Some of these can be purchased at Chansey Supply Shops in Mesagoza, Cascarrafa, Levincia, or Montenevera, or Delibird Presents Shops in Mesagoza, Levincia, or Cascarrafa. Others are available when you gain Gym Badges. These can be used against Wild Pokemon and trainers to give you a great boost in performance. They can also raise friendship with your Pokemon. Battle Items include Guard Spec, X Attack, X Defense, Poke Doll, and Dire Hit, and more!

That is all you need to know about what to do after finishing Pokemon Scarlet and Violet! As you can see there is a lot to collect and lots of battles to complete before you are done with this game! Let us know how well you are doing and if you complete each collection. Meanwhile, why not check out how to play a co-op game in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet! Good luck.

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What To Do After Story Mode in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

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