What Level Does Sheartooth Evolve in Coromon


Coromon is an interesting game that you can play on different devices, collecting different creatures and using them to fight other opponents. Your characters are able to evolve when they reach a certain level, and you may want to know the level that you have to earn to upgrade your creatures. Nibblegar is a starter Coromon that is able to evolve into Sheartooth. This guide will tell you at what level Sheartooth evolves in Coromon.

What Level Does Sheartooth Evolve in Coromon?

Nibblegar in Coromon is a small creature that you can obtain at the beginning of your playthrough. It belongs to the Water-type and its defense stats are really high, so you may want to use this creature and evolve it as fast as possible. However, it seems that some players don’t know which level they need to earn to get the final form of Nibblegar.

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Nibblegar is a Water-type Coromon that looks like a small shark. It is able to evolve into Sheartooth, which is the stronger and bigger version of Nibblegar. The final evolution form of this creature is Megalobite, and this monster is really big and tanky.

In order to evolve any Coromon into its next form, you will need to level it up. Nibblegar is able to evolve into Sheartooth at Level 17, while it is reported that Sheartooth can evolve into Megalobite at level 35. So, you just need to reach Level 35 to get the final evolution form of Nibblegar.

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What Level Does Sheartooth Evolve in Coromon


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