What Level Does Gabite Evolve into Garchomp in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

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The concept of pseudo-legendaries wasn’t introduced by The Pokemon Company themselves, but rather was coined by fans when they started noticing a certain pattern that occurred with one Pokemon (two, in Generation III) in every Generation that was released.

They had a Base Stat Total of exactly 600, had diverse movepools, had a three-stage evolution line, were incredibly powerful, and were usually Dragon type.

Arguably one of the most popular pseudo-legendaries, out of the nine that currently exist, is Garchomp. Introduced in the original Generation IV games, Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, Garchomp was Cynthia’s (the Sinnoh region’s Champion) signature Pokemon.

That, combined with the fact that it is lightning fast and super strong with a badass design, quickly shot it up in popularity, and is still a fan favorite four whole generations later.

Well, Garchomp fans rejoice, because you can get a Garchomp for yourself in Pokemon Legends: Arceus! The best way to have a Garchomp on your team? Catching a Gible and training it up till it evolves into Gabite, and then Garchomp.

What Level Does Gabite Evolve into Garchomp in Pokemon Legends: Arceus?

Gabite will evolve into a Garchomp when it is trained up to Level 46. Given that most pseudo-legendaries evolve much later, Gabite is actually pretty fortunate to evolve at a relatively lower level.

You will want to train Garchomp up as quickly as possible, as it is one of the fastest and strongest Pokemon you can get in Pokemon Legends: Arceus for most of the playthrough!

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What Level Does Gabite Evolve into Garchomp in Pokemon Legends: Arceus


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