What is Tier 1 Shipment in MW2? – Answered


Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is one of the best multiplayer shooters among the latest releases and it allows you to participate in exciting multiplayer matches. It has a huge list of various maps that you can play on and today we are going to talk about Tier 1 Shipment. It seems that there are many players who don’t understand the key features of this map. So, this guide will tell you what is Tier 1 Shipment in MW2.

What is Shipment in MW2?

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is a multiplayer shooter game that has a huge arsenal of different weapons. All of these guns can be customized with various attachments. However, some of them are underperforming and here you can read our article about the worst guns in MW2.

There are many cool maps that you can find in COD MW2. Shipment is one of the most popular arenas in the entire franchise. The main feature of this map is that it is really small and forces you to fight in close quarters. So, this arena is heaven for those who like chaotic matches and constant spawn kills.

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What is Tier 1 Shipment in MW2?

Shipment is a cool map and it is reported that it has a Tier 1 version. Basically, Tier 1 is some kind of a hard mode that allows you to kill your enemies faster. However, it also means that your character dies faster too. Here is the list of all features of Tier 1 Shipment:

  • Every player has only 30% HP.
  • Friendly fire is available.
  • No mini-map.
  • No ammo counter.
  • No name tags.

COD WM2 is one of the most interesting multiplayer shooters and we will be glad if this guide helps you to learn something new about it. Good luck with your further matches!

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What is Tier 1 Shipment in MW2? – Answered


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