Best Things to Do After Maxing Out Every Weapon in MW2


COD MW2 is an amazing shooter game that allows you to use various guns and upgrade them with different attachments. In order to unlock new weapons and customize them with the best attachments, you will have to level up weapons in your arsenal. However, at some point, you may wonder what will happen if all of your guns will be upgraded. So, in this guide, we will tell you about the best things to do after maxing out every weapon in MW2.

Why Do You Need to Upgrade Weapons in MW2?

There are lots of amazing weapons that you can use in MW2. All of them have nice animations and you may want to use and customize all of them. However, if you want to have all of these guns in your arsenal you will need to level them up. Also, the higher the rank of your weapon the better attachments you can install on it.

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Best Things to Do After Maxing Out Every Weapon in MW2

Maxing out every weapon in MW2 is a difficult task. However, some players already managed to do it and you may want to follow their example. For this purpose, you will need to learn the most effective ways to level up your weapons, and here you can read our guide that covers this topic.

When you will have all of your guns maxed out you will be able to use them to fight against your enemies. So, you will be able to create various builds and test many interesting things. Also, there are many various achievements that you will have to complete and you could use your weapons for this purpose.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 provides you with an amazing arsenal of weapons and we highly recommend you unlock all this content as fast as possible. So, you will be able to enjoy all these guns in multiplayer and continue to improve your personal skill. Good luck with your further matches!

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Best Things to Do After Maxing Out Every Weapon in MW2


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