What is the Weakest Cyclone in Battle Cats


Battle Cats is a funny strategy game where you need to defend your base from incomings waves of enemies. In order to beat your opponents, you will have to push their army back and destroy their base. The game has a large number of different enemies that you can fight, and some of them belong to the category called Cyclone. These opponents are tough and you may want to know who is the weakest among them. So, this guide will tell you about the weakest Cyclone in Battle Cats.

Which Cyclone is the Weakest in Battle Cats?

Cyclones in Battle Cats are some of the most problematic opponents to deal with. There are a few of them and they share the same features. These opponents are able to deal a huge amount of damage and kill all of your units with one hit, so you shouldn’t let them come close to your units. Here is the list of all Cyclones that you can find in Battle Cats:

  • Red Cyclone
  • Black Cyclone
  • White Cyclone
  • Divine Cyclone
  • Metal Cyclone
  • Cosmic Cyclone
  • The Perfect Cyclone
  • Zyclone
  • Aku Cyclone
  • Super Cosmic Cyclone
  • Primeval Cyclone

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As you can see, there are lots of these creatures and some of them are stronger than others. The weakest among them are the Red, White, and Black ones. Red Cyclone has the red trait and it is quite a tough opponent to fight for a new player. White Cyclone is a unit that works like Red Cyclone, but it has more knockbacks and doesn’t have the red trait. However, the weakest one is Black Cyclone.

Black Cyclone in Battle Cats is a Cyclone unit. It deals low damage in comparison with other Cyclones and it can be knocked back 10 times, making it the weakest Cyclone in Battle Cats.

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What is the Weakest Cyclone in Battle Cats


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