What Is the Safe Code in Roblox Break In? – Answered

What Is the Safe Code in Roblox Break In? - Answered

After walking around the lobby, you get into the truck, heading towards your new home. Other gamers will be there too. As soon as you move into your home, the adventure begins. To survive, you need to get food that replenishes energy. But that’s not all, there are many interactive items in the house like a safe. In addition to searching for food, you will have to defend yourself from a maniac at night, and build barricades during the day. The most important thing is to solve common problems together. That’s the only way to survive. Also in the game, there are puzzles. Let’s find out the safe code in Roblox Break In.

Code For the Safe in Break In and How to Find It

First, you need to find the safe. It is hidden behind one of the paintings. Each time the cache can change its location. Sometimes it can be in the kitchen, sometimes in the hallway, as in the screenshot below.

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Tap four times on the drawing and it will fall, showing what is behind it.

Now, to find out the code for the safe, go to the basement of the house. There will be a complete mess, objects will be scattered everywhere. Behind one of them is a piece of paper with a code to the safe.

Randomly move objects by simply touching them. Every time the code will be different. Therefore, it is difficult to predict which object covers the password. What is always unchanged is the number of digits – there will be four. In our case, the code for safe is 4712, in your case, it will most likely be different.

This is everything you need to know about the safe code in Roblox Break In. Do you have some other questions? Ask them in the comments below.

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What Is the Safe Code in Roblox Break In? – Answered


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