What is The Quarry Game About? – Answered

What is The Quarry Game About? - Answered

On June 10, The Quarry was released. This is an interactive movie from Supermassive Games, where gamers have to play as camp leaders and face a terrible paranormal. Want to know more details about this game? Below we will tell you what The Quarry game is about.

The Quarry Game Plot Explained

In this game, the player takes on the role of teenagers. And in a nutshell, the plot begins with Laura Kearney and Max Brinley driving in the middle of the night to upstate New York to attend the Hacketts Quarie summer camp where they were hired as counselors. 

Their car almost collides with an unknown creature. As a result, Laura and Max drive off the road and crash. While Max is fixing the car, Laura is exploring the nearby forest and hears voices calling for a man named Silas. In a panic, she runs away and returns to Max. 

Local sheriff Travis Hacketts finds their car and begins to suspect that something is wrong. He orders Laura and Max to stay overnight at a motel near Hackett’s quarry, but they disregard his orders and drive to the camp. There they find someone in the basement and try to help, but Max gets bitten in the process.

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Two months later, seven camp counselors prepare to leave the Hacketts Cuore, but find themselves in a difficult situation because their car has been damaged. Camp owner Chris Hackett tells them to lock themselves in the cabin and leaves, saying he’ll try to find help. The group decides instead to have a campfire party and play a game of Truth or Dare at night.

That is the base of the plot of The Quarry. If you want to know how the story ends, you need to just start playing the game and have fun.

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What is The Quarry Game About? – Answered


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