What Is the Hardest Unit in Battle Cats


Battle Cats is an incredible tower defense game in which you have to fight off waves of enemies and try to stop them from reaching their purpose. Depending on the level and trial, the enemies can have different levels of difficulty, and in today’s article, we will talk about the most difficult units in the game and where you will meet them.

What is the Hardest Unit in Battle Cats?

The highest difficulty in the game is “Merciless,” and defeating enemies of this level is quite difficult.

Unlike most other games, in Battle Cats, a difficulty level is not assigned to each enemy, but all enemies of a particular challenge. For example, if a challenge has merciless difficulty, then all enemies will match that difficulty.

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Therefore, it is almost impossible to name the most difficult units, but here is a list of challenges that have the difficulty “merciless”:

  • Uncanny Legends
  • Merciless XP!
  • Growing Strange
  • All Of The Cyclones
  • Advent Late Stages
  • Some Exclusive Stages of Collaboration

During all these trials, you will need to fight with enemies whose difficulty will be the merciless level. But it’s also worth noting that most enemies are merciless only because you need “a special” approach to kill them. For example, some enemies take one damage from any attack, but you can easily defeat them if you have something that can spam shots.

But although the developers do not provide the most merciless unit in the game, the gaming community, based on gaming experience, made their list of the merciless opponents:

  • Daboo
  • Clionel
  • Raging Bahamut
  • Cat god
  • Filibuster
  • Doge
  • Pikotaro

Now when you know where the most difficult opponents will be waiting for you, you can prepare and win, even in the hottest battles.

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What Is the Hardest Unit in Battle Cats


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