What is The Best Song in My Singing Monsters? – Answered

How to Breed Humbug in My Singing Monsters

My singing monsters is an indie game, in which you should get new singing monsters. The game boasts over a hundred different monsters, and collecting all of them is a quite complicated task. With these monsters, you can create your own orchestra that can play the music you wish. In this orchestra, every monster plays its own unique role, so that you can’t replace one monster with another. This system makes it impossible to steal the music from other players. And the point of the game is to create your music. However, some people use the game to create monster remixes for the most popular songs in the world. So, how to do this, and what are the best songs, let’s check out!

How to Create a Song in My Singing Monsters

First, you have to know that creating a song requires a few steps, described below:

  1. Unlocking most monsters. This is needed to combine the most interesting beats and sounds so that you will be able to create something really good.
  2. Choosing an Island. All islands have their special tune so, when you decide to create your song, choose the island that fits you the best.

When you have this done, you can start to make your song. However, you should be very experienced to do it and have a lot of time.

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What’s the Best Song in My Singing Monsters

Picking the best song is everyone’s business. Only you know what sounds best for you. However, the game offers a “Weekly Rank” of songs. People can listen to songs created by other people and vote for them. The song that gets the most votes will be on a weekly list. Therefore, you can even create the best song in My Singing Monsters. 

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What is The Best Song in My Singing Monsters? – Answered


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