What is the Best Link Leveling Stage in Dragonball Z: Dokkan Battle? – Answered


Link Skills are special skills that activate during battle in Dragonball Z: Dokkan Battle. If two characters with the same Link Skills are next to each other in your team lineup, their skills will activate, and they’ll become stronger. You’ll need to use them often to level them up, so which stage is the best for that? Today, we’ll answer the question: what is the best Link leveling stage in Dragonball Z: Dokkan Battle? Find out below!

Best Link Skill Leveling Stage

Thanks to a new breakthrough in research data by Reddit user Sggifhxfkchkv and Discord user Goku17, the new best stage for Link leveling is stage 7-10. The reason for this is that stage 7-10 has six fights that are unmissable, and the chance to level up a Link is higher than other stages.

The stages that Dokkan Battle players used to prefer were stages 8-9 and 15-2. To be exact, the rates for leveling a level 9 Link to level 10 were .89% and .84% respectively. For stamina efficiency, stage 7-10 is the way to go.

There are other reasons why 7-10 is the new way to go. For starters, each battle only has three Saibamen, so the fights go by pretty quickly. You are also guaranteed to fight at least six Saibamen battles, sometimes more. This is still a new breakthrough, so more research needs to come in, but for the time being, stage 7-10 looks like it’s the new stage to choose for fast Link leveling.

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That concludes our guide on the best stage for Link skill leveling in Dragonball Z: Dokkan Battle. If you have any other stages you’d like to recommend, let us know in the comments below! Thank you so much for reading!

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What is the Best Link Leveling Stage in Dragonball Z: Dokkan Battle? – Answered


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