What Is the Best Legendary Weapon in Cod Mobile? – Answered

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Legendary weapons are one of the rarest weapons in COD Mobile. Only Mythic are better than them. However, there is a little difference between Mythic and Legendary. The mythic weapon you can gain only in 1 way, while there are 4 ways to get Legendary.

  1. Participate in Lucky Draw
  2. Check For You section in the Store
  3. Buy Legendary Crates
  4. Buy Legendary Bundles

To continue, you should take into mind one of the advantages of a Legendary weapon. Compared to the default versions of the weapons, legendary has slightly increased stats. In general, it doesn’t make your game twice as better, but in some moments can present a kill for you.

Best Legendary Weapon in Cod Mobile

And one of the best Legendary weapons is AK-47 – Kuromaku. The probability of boosting accuracy at 89 really makes AK-47 Tier S a weapon. If you add personal perks, you will receive a death machine, fast, accurate, and beautiful. When you get killed, petal starts to fall off and your skill is boosted in a short span as well. However, it might be quite hard to get this AK. So, you have to play with A most of your time and refresh your shop every day, that’s how you can get this beautiful gun as fast as possible.

Still, do not forget about other Tier S weapons that have Legendary skin, they might be even better than you can imagine. Just try and maybe you will find something better than AK Kuromaku.

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What Is the Best Legendary Weapon in Cod Mobile? – Answered


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