What is the Best Dog in LifeAfter: Night Falls? Answered

What is the Best Dog in LifeAfter: Night Falls? Answered

There are several dog breeds in LifeAfter that have their own abilities. Therefore, it is important to choose the right companion who will bring the maximum benefit. Let’s take a look at each of them.

German Shepherd

German Shepherd can help you or guard your mansion. It is logical that the skill of a guard dog is suitable for it, which will help if it finds enemies. Having found enemies, the pet begins to bark, only if there is a dog house for it. There the dog will regenerate health faster. Also, a shepherd dog can act as a search dog that can pick up objects left by other players. As this skill develops, the pet will increase the speed of raising the items.


The Doberman’s coat looks smooth and beautiful. This is, of course, a guard dog. There is nothing special about this dog.


The body of this dog is strong. Suitable to serve as a pack dog. The owner of a pack dog can make him carry objects and he does a great job with it.

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A good friend with rich body language. This breed of dog can be gotten only if your pay for it real money and, in general, all skills are suitable for it.

What Dog Is The Best?

The best companion choice would be a Labrador breed with the skill of a pack dog. It will bring you the most benefit, especially when you find useful items, and there is not enough space in your inventory. You can equip him with everything you need and go home.

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What is the Best Dog in LifeAfter: Night Falls? Answered


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