What is the Best Cookie Run: Kingdom Team for Cookie Alliance? – Answered

How to Get Alliance Tickets in Cookie Run: Kingdom

In the addictive RPG Cookie Run: Kingdom, players can collect their army of cute cookies to fight monsters. In addition to building different constructions in their kingdom, players also have access to a variety of time-limited events. An event called Cookie Alliance is currently happening, and in this guide, we will tell you about the best teams for this event. Let’s get going!

Best Teams for Cookie Alliance

Cookie Alliance is a special event that will appear throughout the seasons in the game. The first season is now happening, in which players need to fight waves of enemies. You will be able to participate in the event as soon as you pass Story Stage 10-31. To participate in the event, you will use special Alliance Tickets, which are restored by themselves.

The battles are divided into several chapters, in which you will fight with 5 of your teams. Before the fight, you need to choose who will fight and in what order. When your team is defeated, the second team will take its place, and so on until the fifth. Here are the best teams for this mode.

Team 1

FrontWild Berry Cookie, Dark Cacao Cookie
MiddleEclair Cookie
RearPure Vanilla Cookie, Cotton Cookie
TreasuresOld Pilgrim’s Scroll, Squishy Jelly Watch, Bookseller’s Monocle

Team 2

FrontStrawberry Crepe Cookie
MiddleSorbet Shark Cookie, Pomegranate Cookie
RearRye Cookie, Vampire Cookie
TreasuresOld Pilgrim’s Scroll, Grim-looking Scythe, Pilgrim’s Slingshot

Team 3

FrontHolly Berry Cookie
MiddleSea Fairy Cookie, Affogato Cookie
RearFrost Queen Cookie, Almond Cookie
TreasuresOld Pilgrim’s Scroll, Insignia of the Indomitable Knights, Echo of the Hurricane’s Song

Team 4

FrontDark Choco Cookie, Cocoa Cookie
MiddlePumpkin Pie Cookie, Black Raisin Cookie
RearParfait Cookie
TreasuresOld Pilgrim’s Scroll, Insignia of the Indomitable Knights, Bookseller’s Monocle

Team 5

FrontMadeleine Cookie, Kumiho Cookie
MiddleLilac Cookie, Caramel Arrow
RearMint Choco Cookie
TreasuresOld Pilgrim’s Scroll, Librarian’s Enchanted Robes, Sacred Pomegranate Branch

Follow our team compositions, and it’s guaranteed that you are going to break into Masters without any problems! Of course, future game updates or new cookies releases might change the current state of the meta! Make sure to check back to this page from time to time, so you will always be up-to-date with the best Cookie Run: Kingdom teams for Cookie Alliance!

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What is the Best Cookie Run: Kingdom Team for Cookie Alliance? – Answered



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