What is ROE in Star Trek Fleet Command? – Explained


In addition to rules you accept before starting to play video games, some games have obligatory community rules created to improve the in-game experience of all players. One of the perfect examples of such games is Star Trek Fleet Command and its ROE. Read this guide, and you will find out what ROE is in Star Trek Fleet Command.

ROE in Star Trek Fleet

If you search for ROE meaning on the internet, you will not find anything helpful about this term in Star Trek Fleet Command. This term stands for “rules of engagement.” Mostly, these rules are active between the specific alliances like “You do not kill me and I do not kill you.

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However, there are various other specific ROE in Star Trek Fleet Command. For example, one of the most widespread rules is not hitting miners unless they are 0 or OPL. Moreover, you will find various interesting ROE as you play more.

Why Is It Important to Follow ROE?

As ROE is only an agreement between players, many gamers do not understand why they should follow them. Some beginners do not follow ROE until they are at the last game’s stages. But as you progress in the game, you notice that ROE is highly beneficial for players. It gives you protection against more powerful individuals, significantly improving your in-game experience.

You can only ignore ROE if you are in a powerful alliance that can ignore ROE by pure strength. However, you should take into account that it is impossible to become a member of such an alliance if you are a beginner. You should spend a lot of time in the game and be on a high level.

That’s it with ROE in Star Trek Fleet Command. Even though developers do not officially support them, it would be best to follow ROE in spite of your level and other characteristics. It positively impacts the game community and your personal in-game experience. And while you are still here, make sure to check our guide on where to find Cargo Crates in Star Trek Fleet Command.

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What is ROE in Star Trek Fleet Command? – Explained


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