What is RC in Roblox Project Ghoul

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Roblox Project Ghoul features a large variety of objects and environments for players to discover. One of these fascinating objects is known as an RC Cell. If you’ve heard this term thrown around for a while and are not sure yourself as to what they exactly are, then simply read on ahead.

What are RC Cells in Roblox Project Ghoul?

RC Cells, which is short for Red Child Cells, are cells that can appear in both humans and ghouls. The name comes from the appearance of these cells: the fact that they look like a curled-up fetus. These RC Cells are stockpiled by consuming humans and are then stored in the kakuhou. The kagune forms when they are released from the kakuhou.

RC Cells can be collected from the corpses of NPCs or players. An alternative method for obtaining RC Cells is through the limited-time Codes. While they are mainly used by ghouls, the Commission of Counter Ghoul (CCG) may utilize them for stages on a couple of quinques. If the user buys another quinque or kagune with Yen, their RC count will be reset to 800 unless they have purchased the quinque with ROBUX. When activating a stage for a quinque or kagune that require RC cells, they will not be consumed.

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Below is a table that denotes the acquisiton rates of RC Cells from every possible source:

NameRC Cells
Human50 RC Cells
Athlete100 RC Cells
Rank 2 Investigator50 RC Cells
Rank 1 Investigator100 RC Cells
First Class Investigator200 RC Cells
Low Rank Aogiri Member200 RC Cells
Mid Rank Aogiri Member400 RC Cells
High Rank Aogiri Member800 RC Cells
bob800 RC Cells
Nishiki Nishio50,000 RC Cells
Koutarou Amon125,000 RC Cells
Eto Yoshimura250,000 RC Cells

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What is RC in Roblox Project Ghoul


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