What is inside of a Tactical Pack in PUBG: Mobile

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The latest release of Krafton’s PUBG: Mobile 16.2 has finally updated on all platforms. The 16.2 patch will introduce several new features into the game which including the sizzling-fresh Tactical Gear, a new survivor pass, normal match map rotations, and much more.

The 16.2 patch brings a lot more onto the table, such as long-needed changes and fixes to the game. If you are curious about all of the details in the new patch, then you can read the full patch notes here.

In this article, however, we are going to be talking about the Tactical Pack; rather, we are going to be talking about the interiors of it!

What can the Tactical Pack Contain in PUBG: Mobile?

The Tactical Pack is the newest, very potent addition into PUBG’s meta. The Tactical Pack will essentially turn one of your teammates, or yourself, into a pack mule used to haul around anything you may think you’ll need later.

That Tactical Pack takes the form of a sizable backpack that can fit “almost any item in its slots,” which makes for quite the valuable resource for any squad. As you may have guessed it, there is a catch! It takes up your primary weapon slot, so you’ll have to sacrifice that if you want to have more on-the-go adaptability for whatever situation you find yourself in.

The Tactical Pack is part of the Tactical Gear, which also consists of the Spotter Scope, which is a brand new medium-range survey tactical gear, a special set of binoculars. It will help players monitor and tag opponents while also allowing non-verbal communication with their squad.

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What is inside of a Tactical Pack in PUBG: Mobile


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