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What is Ground War? – Modern Warfare 2 Explained

What is Ground War? – Modern Warfare 2 Explained

Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 has received nothing short of praise ever since it launched on October 28th and has now become the franchise’s biggest-selling game ever by amassing $800 million in its opening weekend.

The focal point of any new Call of Duty game is usually multiplayer which is always driven by traditional core six-vs-six gameplay. In the last couple of years, CoD developers have created multiplayer modes with bigger battlegrounds and a larger map style known as the Battle Map. So in this guide, we’ll be discussing what is Ground War in CoD MW2.

What is Ground War? – Modern Warfare 2 Explained

Battle Maps in CoD are massive combat settings that can support up to two teams of 32 players each and can also support the two types of Ground War matches that players can play in MW2.


Ground War is a much bigger version of Domination but instead of two teams of six battling for control over three control points, it’s two teams of 32 players fighting over five control points. The first team to earn up to 250 points will be declared the winner.

And for players who choose to play Ground War rather than the core six-vs-six gameplay, they’ll have to take on a slightly different playstyle to win a match, which is more like Battlefield than traditional CoD experience because players can use vehicles that are placed all around the map and they’ll consistently need to be scouting rooflines to look for sniper players.

Players can also make use of tactical equipment like trip mines to defend sites because they’ll be dozens of enemies coming at them.

Ground War: Invasion, on the other hand, is a different version of Ground War that pits a mix of real players and AI against themselves. The AI ranges from basic grunts to armoured soldiers and players can pick up different killstreaks from all over the map in order to help them win a match. And instead of capturing points, players earn points by killing enemies and AI.

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What is Ground War? – Modern Warfare 2 Explained


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