What is an Item Pile in Stranded Deep? – Explained


Stranded Deep is a survival game that takes place on a small island after a tragic plane crash. The protagonist must now try to survive on this island by using their wits and other resources they can find by crafting items, and weapons and finding other necessary items like food to stay alive.

There are lots of items you can collect and use in the game and Pile is one of the more relevant ones. It’s a form of resource storage in the game that lets players put items of a single category into a collective pile on a surface. However, there are lots of players who don’t know what Item Piles does, so in this article, we’ll be telling you what is an Item Pile in Stranded Deep.

What is an Item Pile in Stranded Deep? – Explained

To put it simply, Item Piles in Stranded Deep serve as containers that players can open with removable entities. It’s a change that doesn’t only take place logistically within the container inventory, but you can also see the number of objects increase or decrease within the Item Pile.


You can also build an Item Pile in the game but first, you’ll have to open the Quick Craft Menu and select the resource you’d like to convert into a pile. So if you’re holding sticks, for instance, you’ll find Wood Stick Pile in the Quick Craft Menu. PC users, on the other hand, should have C as the menu’s hotkey by default.

Also, each pile contains about 50 objects in the game, so if you’d like to create more piles to store even more resources, you’ll need to have at least two stacks of a target resource.

Various basic items like Clay, Lashing, Coconuts or Fibrous Roots can be turned into Item Piles. Also, it’s worth noting that there are resources and materials that cannot be added to Item Piles like Campfires and even Shark Repellent.

There are lots you can do with Item Piles in the game, so when you find yourself utilizing the feature more often, be sure to try out new things as there are lots to be discovered.

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What is an Item Pile in Stranded Deep? – Explained


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