What is an Ascender in Fortnite


Fortnite’s new challenges introduced players to a lot of new features and this time we’ve gotten yet another feature that seems entirely new in the game. In order to complete certain challenges in the game, players will need to use an Ascender at the Command Cavern or Chonker’s Speedway.

While Ascenders appear to be long ropes that players can interact with and travel, that can also be found at many, if not all IO Airships in the game, including the one at the Command Cavern. So in this article we’ll be telling you exactly Ascender is in Fortnite.

What is an Ascender in Fortnite


Ascenders are used by mountain climbers in the real world to help them ascend as well as descend from very tall mountains. In Fortnite however, Ascenders are nothing more than ziplines that function vertically. So rather than moving side-by-side, players can move up and down using Ascenders.

Conversely, instead of going around the sides of hills and cliffs, players can simply use Ascenders to quickly traverse terrains. You can find one by travelling around the north side of the track at Chonker’s Speedway. There’s an Ascender near a tall rock face.

Once you’ve found one, players can use them by interacting with them. Ascenders are faster than ziplines and falling off one from a high place won’t cause much fall damage. While they’re much faster, players can still be taken out while in transit with an Ascender.

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What is an Ascender in Fortnite


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