What is a Corporate Job in Bitlife? – Answered


There are dozens of career paths in Bitlife, but the Corporate career path is an excellent way of earning lots of money. It’s also a decent job that offers nothing extraordinary for your character except that you could become CEO of a behemoth business.

Although you won’t be able to control most parts of the company, you can earn a considerable amount of money in a corporate position. So in this article, we’ll be telling you what is a corporate job in Bitlife.

What is a Corporate Job in Bitlife? – Answered


A corporate job in Bitlife is a position your character can get within a corporate organisation. This usually means your character will be working in an employee position within a larger company or organisation.

And the best and most efficient way to increase your character’s chances of getting a corporate job is by simply making sure that they attend business school. You can go to business school after your character has graduated high school and successfully makes their way into the university.

Once in the university, be sure to apply for a business program and secure a business degree which usually takes around four years to complete. Afterwards, the next step is to attend business school, which is also a graduate program. However, before applying for business school, be sure your character has enough high smarts and good grades.


After finishing business school, the next step is to find a corporate job in the Jobs category. You are likely to see Business Analyst as the first job. You can do this by going to the game’s Occupation menu tab. However, jobs are usually randomised in Bitlife, so if you don’t see a Business Analyst job, you can restart the game and check again.

After restarting, a list of newly available positions should appear, and there’s a chance the Business Analyst job will appear. If you don’t see it again, repeat the restart process. You will need this job for the Frisky Business challenge.

Once you have got the Business Analyst job, apply for it and work your way up the Corporate ladder.

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What is a Corporate Job in Bitlife? – Answered


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