How to Get into Business School in Bitlife


Bitlife allows you to have a career as pretty much anything you want to be in life. From being a lawyer, waitress, banker or even living life as a Mafia Gangstar.

Moreover, if you want to get a specific high-level corporate job like being CEO or Vice President of an organisation in Bitlife, you’ll have to attend Business School. So in this article, we’ll be showing you how to get into Business School in Bitlife.

How to Get into Business School in Bitlife

Business School is easily one of the possible education path that players can have access to after they’ve graduated from high school in Bitlife.


However, before you can go to Business School, you will need to have high smarts and study hard whilst you are in high school and graduate from university with a degree in at least mathematics or another similar field.

So to do this, we advise using the ‘Study Hard’ option under school and you should read a lot of books as well as visit the public library very often. It’s also worth creating a character who already has high smarts to make the process a tad easier for you.

To create a character with high smarts, simply keep creating new characters until you get the one with high stats. Ultimately, this is not required as long as your character has at least 30 to 48 smarts. You can raise your character smarts to 100 by reading books.

What To Do After You Have High Smarts

Once you’ve got enough high stats, continue to study until you graduate high school. Afterwards, you should apply to a university for mathematics and as long as you have high smarts, getting a scholarship should not be a problem.


You will graduate from the university after a couple of years. After graduation, you will get a pop-up that asks if you would like to seek higher education. Click it, choose Business School from the list and apply for a scholarship once again. If you didn’t get the initial pop-up, you can check under the Education tab.

After a couple of years, you’ll be a graduate of Business School as well. Then you’ll be able to apply for a number of corporate jobs as well as advance through the ranks and eventually work your way up to become a CEO after you’ve had at least fifteen years of work experience with the company.

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How to Get into Business School in Bitlife


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