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Bitlife – Life Simulator is a fantastic game with a variety of life and career outcomes. There are also new additions on a regular basis and quests if you get bored with the regular gameplay.

According to reviews, BitLife – Life Simulator is unusual and strange but appears to capture the interest of players. It has a good amount of clever wit, which can be both simple and difficult to find in games.

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If you’re searching for a game that enables you to lose yourself in totally, BitLife is an excellent choice. Are you wondering What Does Willpower Do in BitLife? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Willpower in BitLife: Explained

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The willpower statistic is included in the game’s latest God Mode update for iOS. When editing a character in the game, you can see how much willpower they possess and how much you can modify their behavior in response to certain situations. There is not a great deal of information about what this does precisely. Given the definition of the term, it’s likely related to a person’s willingness to give in when considering specific actions they know are wrong versus those they know are right.

The greater a person’s willpower, the less likely he is to fall victim to certain desires. If you create a character who lacks willpower in their moral compass, they are likely to cause far more trouble than someone who possesses it.

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If you create a character with less willpower in their moral compass, they are much more likely to cause trouble than someone with plenty. While in God Mode, you can experiment with the statistic to see how it affects specific individuals. You probably don’t need to adjust it; you can see what happens when it’s set to a quarter of the bar, half of the bar, or, say, some percentage of the bar. Was our explanation of What Does Willpower Do in BitLife helpful to you? Please tell us in the comments section below!

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