BitLife is a social simulation game where your choice shapes your character’s future in every manner. By playing the game, you come across day-to-day decisions and scenarios where your choices matter a lot. 

As a social life simulator game, BitLife offers a profusion of real-life attributes player character holds. Among many, one such attribute is Willpower. 

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Based on Willpower, the game can become easier or harder for you. It is one of the important attributes that many players want to know about. For that, we have prepared a handy BitLife guide discussing what Willpower does and how you can get it. 

What Does Willpower do in Bitlife?

As we mentioned earlier, Willpower is an attribute in BitLife that allows your in-game character to overcome obstacles faced in their life, irrelevant of whatever journey you take. 

The measure of Willpower in BitLife is similar to real life. A person with more Willpower is persistent and can persevere through any difficulty faced in life. 

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There’s a saying, “Where there is Will, there is Power.” All these apply to the Willpower that we have in BitLife. The more Willpower you have, the more you have the chance to overcome a difficult situation. 

In-game, you can increase your Willpower by doing good deeds. Alternatively, you can buy your way out and use the God Mode pack to tweak your attributes, manually increasing the Willpower. 

BitLife is a life simulator game currently available on Android, iOS, and PC platforms. 

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What Does Willpower do in Bitlife? – Answered


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