What does the Spellbinder do in Vampire Survivors?


Vampire Survivors is an interesting game that challenges you to battle and kill thousands of night creatures and survive until dawn. The game has a ton of weapons, items and characters that’ll help you progress throughout your journey.

One of the most important items that you’ll need for steady progression is the Spellbinder and in this article, we’ll be going over what the Spellbinder do in Vampire Survivors.

What does the Spellbinder do in Vampire Survivors?

The Spellbinder is a passive item in Vampire Survivors that players can unlock once they get the Runetracer to Level 7. Spellbinder also increases duration by 10% per level.

You can find the Spellbinder as a stage item in Gallo Tower and Moongolow. Spellbinder is also required for the Evolution of King Bible, Unholy Vespers.

How to unlock the Spellbinder

To unlock the Spellbinder, you have to level up Runetracer to level 7. And in Vampire Survivors, you’ll often come across various items after levelling up your weapons. This means you’ll have to acquire the Runetracer as well and to do that, you’ll need to obtain a character that has Runetracer as their default weapon.

One of these characters is Pasqualina because she has Runetracer equipped as her default weapon. The character will cost 110 gold which isn’t that expensive and can be farmed easily.

And although Pasqualina isn’t as powerful as other characters in Vampire Survivors, she’s worth buying if it means you get to have the Runetracer.

So once you have Pasqualina and Runetracer, simply upgrade the weapon to level 7 and Spellbinder will become available for you.

That’s all we have for you on what the Spellbinder do in Vampire Survivors. Apart from increasing duration by 10%, the Spellbinder isn’t all that special, but it can come in handy in certain situations.

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What does the Spellbinder do in Vampire Survivors?


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