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What Does the Kitty Bank Do in Cat Snack Bar?

What Does the Kitty Bank Do in Cat Snack Bar?
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If you have just started playing Cat Snack Bar, you may have noticed that the game just sort of pushes you in without explaining too much about how things work. While this can be a welcome change to the tiresome tutorials some games force you to go through, some aspects of Cat Snack Bar are not so easy to grasp without a little additional help.

You can find answers to the most common questions a beginner may have in our Cat Snack Bar strategy guide, but if you’re specifically wondering what the Kitty Bank does or how to get gems from the Kitty Bank, this is the guide for you.

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What is the Kitty Bank used for in Cat Snack Bar?

When you pass the first few levels, you will notice that a cute little Kitty Bank pops up above the Upgrades menu. The game does not explain the details of how this piggy bank’s (not-so) distant cousin works, but you can notice that each time you purchase an upgrade for your venue, 10 gems go to the bank.

You can also see that the meter fills up, with thresholds marked at 400 and 700 gems. Even though the game doesn’t explain much, we can understand that those gems are stored so that you can use them when the bank fills up. Considering that it’s not so easy to earn gems in Cat Snack Bar, this may fill you with optimism.

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How to get gems from the Kitty Bank in Cat Snack Bar

Unfortunately, that optimism you had when you first saw Kitty Bank doesn’t last long. As you progress and fill the Kitty Bank with coveted gems, you finally learn its secret: to get gems from the Kitty Bank in Cat Snack Bar, you need to pay real money.

When the Kitty Bank collects 700 gems, you will get the chance to open it, but be prepared to take out your credit card. At the moment, the full Kitty Bank with all the saved gems costs $2.99.

However, if you don’t want to spend real money on in-game purchases, no need to despair. Our guide to earning gems in Cat Snack Bar will help you get that fancy outfit for your kitty in no time.

You can also check out other Cat Snack Bar guides in our section dedicated to the game.

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What Does the Kitty Bank Do in Cat Snack Bar?


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