What does Taking Pictures do in Pikmin Bloom?


Pikmin Bloom is not only an exploration game, but also a journal too! You can take pictures using the in-game AR camera to bring your Pikmin squad into the real world, or you can simply take regular pictures. The game lets you journal these pictures, and it actually has some gameplay function! We’re here to answer the question: What does taking pictures in Pikmin Bloom do?

What does Taking Pictures do?

Pikmin Bloom has a sort of journaling feature where your Pikmin will show you a picture you may have taken with your device at the end-of-day summary. At first glance, it may seem like just a cute and fun feature for you to make some nice memories, but there’s actually more to it than meets the eye.

Whenever you take a picture—it doesn’t necessarily need to be done with the in-game AR camera—the game will remember the location of the picture. During the aforementioned end-of-the-day summary, the Pikmin will show you the picture, and you can attach it to the day for your Lifelog.

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If you do choose to use the picture for that day in your Lifelog, there is a very high chance that the next day an Expedition will spawn in the picture’s location. The Pikmin you can get from Expeditions usually have Decor that are attached to their location, so people have been taking pictures in spots with specific Decor they’re seeking.

For example, there’s a 3D Glasses Decor that gives your Pikmin funky-looking glasses, and you get them from Expeditions near movie theaters. With this knowledge, you can go to your local cinema and take some shots.

And that’s what taking pictures does in Pikmin Bloom! If you have any other discoveries or questions, let us know in the comments below!

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What does Taking Pictures do in Pikmin Bloom?


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