Home Game Guides What Does Special Nectar Do in Pikmin Bloom? – Answered

What Does Special Nectar Do in Pikmin Bloom? – Answered

What Does Special Nectar Do in Pikmin Bloom? – Answered

In the Pikmin series, players could find and sweet nectar for their Pikmin to snack on. When a Pikmin ate some nectar, their strength grew exponentially. The nectar returns in Pikmin Bloom, but it functions a little differently from the past games. Today, we’ll be answering the question: What does Special Nectar do in Pikmin Bloom?

Special Nectar’s Effects on Pikmin

In Pikmin Bloom, sometimes you’ll come across fruit that turns into nectar on your daily walks. You can use nectar to immediately sprout a Pikmin’s flower, allowing you to collect the petals. You can also send your Pikmin out on expeditions to collect more fruit.

There are four regular types of nectar: white, red, blue, and yellow. Feeding the nectar to a Pikmin will allow it to grow petals that match the nectar; feeding a blue nectar to a Pikmin makes it grow a blue petal, for example.

Feeding a Pikmin nectar will also increase its friendship with you, only by a small amount, though. You can eventually gain a full heart through daily nectar feedings. Each individual Pikmin can have up to a maximum of four hearts.

In addition to the four regular nectar, there is also Special Nectar. Special Nectar is heart-shaped translucent nectar, and feeding it to a Pikmin will immediately give it one whole friendship heart. It will also cause the Pikmin’s flower to bloom to the same color as it was before.

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Special Nectar is extremely rare and shouldn’t be used haphazardly, so save it for your favorite Pikmin. A Pikmin grows stronger the higher their friendship is with you, so a full squad of maximum friendship Pikmin will be extremely strong.

Before, Special Nectar was an uncommon drop from completing mushroom challenges. With one of the recent updates however, Niantic reduced the drop rates for the lower end mushroom challenges, so Special Nectar is a lot harder to come by now.

That concludes our guide on what Special Nectar does in Pikmin Bloom. If you have any other questions or tips about Special Nectar, let us know in the comments below!

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What Does Special Nectar Do in Pikmin Bloom? – Answered


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