What Does Silence do in Cookie Run Kingdom


Despite its cute visuals and design, Cookie Run Kingdom can be as complex as other role-playing games with more serious tones, as the game features tons of different mechanics, as well as a plethora of different status ailments that influence the performance of Cookies in significant ways.

Among the status ailments that can be inflicted in Cookie Run Kingdom is Silence. Here’s exactly how this status ailment affects Cookies.

What Does Silence do in Cookie Run Kingdom?

Silence is a unique status effect in Cookie Run Kingdom that can be inflicted by Latte Cookie with her Care for a Latte? main active skill. This skill makes Latte conjure a glyph that draws enemies to its center, inflicting the Silence status ailment for around 1 second as well as damage. Opponents will continue getting damaged for as long as the glyph is active, but Silence will continue to last for only 1 second.

Characters inflicted with Silence in Cookie Run Kingdom are unable to use skills for as long as the status effect is active. Given the short duration of the status effect, inflicting silence is more effective to cancel an opponent’s attack, rather than preventing them from using one.

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What Does Silence do in Cookie Run Kingdom


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