What Does ‘Potent’ Effect in Coromon


There are many different RPGs in which players need to collect and use different pets to fight. Coromon is one of those games, but even the demo version already stands out from the rest. The game has many different features that make the gameplay more interesting. And in this guide, we will tell you about the ‘Potent’ Effect.

What Does ‘Potent’ Effect

To win battles, you must have strong Coromon. The game has a special system called Potential that allows your Coromon to get stronger. In addition to the basic stats of strength, speed, etc., there is also a Potential stat. This stat has 21 levels. They mainly affect the color of your Coromon. Each Coromon has three forms that differ in color depending on its Potential stat:

  • Standard
  • Potent
  • Perfect

When your Coromon’s value range reaches level 16, you can upgrade it to Potent Coromon. After such an upgrade, you will receive three Potential Points. These Points can be used to boost Coromon’s base stats.

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As a result, this system is designed to slightly increase the stats of your Coromon. But more importantly, you can change its appearance. It’s like catching a Shiny Pokemon. Let’s take Mino as an example. 

In Standard form, it appears as a normal gray bull with red flames on its back and tail. In Potent form, the bull will turn brown. And in Perfect form, Mino’s body will turn white like snow, and the fire will turn blue. That’s all the Potent effect does in Coromon. We hope you enjoyed this guide.

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What Does ‘Potent’ Effect in Coromon


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