Home Game Guides What does Meditation do in Project Mugetsu? – Answered

What does Meditation do in Project Mugetsu? – Answered

What does Meditation do in Project Mugetsu? – Answered
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Whether you are a Hollow or Soul Reaper, you may eventually have to meditate to reflect upon your inner spirit. Only then can you unlock the powerful skills locked within, which is why meditation is important for Shinigami or Arrancar, the advanced forms of Soul Reapers and Hollows, respectively. So, what does meditation do in Project Mugetsu?

Everything you need to know about meditation in Roblox Project Mugetsu

Once your character is strong enough, they must meditate to learn new abilities. To meditate, press the K key if you are playing on the keyboard. If you are playing on mobile, there is a dedicated button for meditating.

Once you have initiated meditation, your character sits down and the screen goes black. If you have not progressed far enough, your inner spirit rejects you and tells you that you need more training.

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If you are high level enough, meditation becomes a mini-game of sorts. You have to press the key listed in the center of the screen before it disappears. On mobile, you have to tap on the icons that appear quickly.

Every correct key hit nets you meditation experience, and if you fill up the meter all the way, you get a huge experience bonus. However, pressing the incorrect key causes you to lose meditation experience, so be very careful. Type swiftly but surely!

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The keys go by fast, so you have to be on your toes to hit as many as possible. The mini-game only shows your movement keys (W, A, S, D), so just keep your fingers ready.

Unfortunately, the game does not show you how much meditation experience you have, as it is locked by a Robux paywall, so you have to keep track of it yourself if you do not want to shell out the Robux.

So, what does meditation experience exactly do? Well, there are a few occasions where you need to earn meditation experience to advance to your character’s next rank.

  • As a Soul Reaper, when you are a Shinigami, you need to meditate in order to acquire a Shikai or Bankai.
  • As a Hollow, when you are an Arrancar, you can learn Resurrection through meditation.

Whenever your character has progressed far enough, you can meditate to earn meditation experience. Just keep in mind that when you fill up the meditation meter and earn the bonus experience, you end the meditation session and must initiate it again.

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What does Meditation do in Project Mugetsu? – Answered


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