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How to get Tormenta Lightning Cloak in Roblox Project Mugetsu

How to get Tormenta Lightning Cloak in Roblox Project Mugetsu
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Players can choose to become Soul Reapers or Hollows in Roblox Project Mugetsu. Each faction has its own strengths and weaknesses, and high level Hollows can utilize special abilities. If you manage to become a Vastocar, the ultimate form of Hollow, you can wield a very powerful technique. Here is how to get Tormenta Lightning Cloak in Roblox Project Mugetsu.

Getting Tormenta Lightning Cloak in Roblox Project Mugetsu

When you start Project Mugetsu with a new character, you spawn in the neutral starting zone. Find and talk to Aizen, who helps you become a Hollow. He tasks you with defeating another player who is a Soul Reaper.

Note that while the quest description says that it must be a real player, we were able to complete the quest by defeating one of the NPC Soul Reapers wandering around the starting area.

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Complete the quest to become a Hollow, at which point you are teleported to the Hollow farming area. Now begins the long and arduous road of grinding, so we hope you have the next couple of hours free!

You will notice that all sorts of Hollow-type enemies spawn in this area, so try fighting one of them. You should be able to take down Hollows and Adjuchas easily, as they are not too tough.

As a Hollow, you can consume the body parts of fallen enemies once they are defeated. You need to do this enough in order to rank up to the next type of Hollow.

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Unfortunately, the developers decided to hide your rank behind a paywall, albeit with in-game money. Press the M key to open the menu, then select View Progression, then pick Check Hollow Progress. It costs $4,500 to view your progress towards the next rank.

That is pretty much it. Defeat the wandering Hollows and Adjuchas, then eat their body parts afterward for experience. You must do this for a very long time, as it takes a lot of body parts to rank up.

Be very careful not to die! The game does not warn you about this anywhere, but if you die, you lose a portion of the body parts you have consumed thus far. You can waste hours of grinding if you are not careful!

There are also NPCs around that give you optional quests to complete. These quests can help you level up your combat masteries and give you more money, but they cannot help with body part consumption.

Once you have ranked up to Vastocar, which is the max rank a Hollow can achieve, you can activate special abilities by typing in specific phrases in chat. Before you can do so, you need to fill up your energy bar by fighting enemies. Once the blue energy bar is full, open the chat box, and type:

  • roar,tormenta

Hit enter and enjoy the cool cutscene where your character equips the Tormenta Lightning Cloak. Once the cutscene is over, you now have access to Tormenta Lightning Cloak’s new abilities.

Your energy bar constantly drains over time with the cloak equipped, and you revert to your normal form once the bar is emptied. Do not worry, simply type in the phrase once more with your energy refilled, and you can use the Tormenta Lightning Cloak again.

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How to get Tormenta Lightning Cloak in Roblox Project Mugetsu


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