Floor Fungus is naturally grown grass players often encounter while exploring the Underground Depth biome in Dwarf Fortress. And since it is not so common, players often have this question about what Floor Fungus does in Dwarf Fortress. 

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What Does Floor Fungus Do In Dwarf Fortress?

The Floor Fungus is a form of grass in Dwarf Fortress that you can use to graze animals. You will find it only in Caverns and can identify it easily as it resembles the appearance of Cave Moss, with just the color being more yellowish. 

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The top layer of Caverns usually starts below the surface, about 10-11 z-levels. But finding a Cavern doesn’t mean you will discover Floor Fungus, which depends on RNG. 

So keep exploring and finding Caverns, which acts as massive natural underground tunnel system filled with structures, creatures, items, and much more. 

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To effectively use the Floor Fungus in Dwarf Fortress, we recommend you build a Pasture. You can do it by digging an area and pressing i to define it as a zone. 

After that, select Pasture and press N (it is case sensitive so use Caps or Shift + n), select the animals that you want to place into the Pasture using the keys +/-, and then hit the enter key to finalize. 

Is Floor Fungun Harmful In Dwarf Fortress

No! Floor Fungus is not harmful in Dwarf Fortress. Instead, as we explained earlier, you can use it to tame/graze livestock. So, instead of being harmful, the Floor Fungus is a very useful form of underground grass that you can use in the Dwarf Fortress. 

That is it. That concludes our guide on what Floor Fungus do in Dwarf Fortress. 

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What Does Floor Fungus Do In Dwarf Fortress? – Explained


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