Most likely, you have heard about stats in Brawlhalla. These are the attributes connected to Legends that help to determine their level of performance. There are four different kinds of stats. They are:

  • Strength.
  • Dexterity.
  • Defense.
  • Speed.

The lowest point one can get for their stats is one, while the highest is ten.

This article will give you the most detailed information on dexterity and what it does in Brawlhalla.

Let’s check this out!

​Brawlhalla: What Does Dexterity Do?

The role of dexterity is significant as it is aimed at affecting attacking speed. If a Legend has top-level dexterity, he will recover after the attack faster. It gives the possibility to make fast subsequent attacks and spend less time for Heavy attacks. The fact that the recovery process will go more quickly only influences different attacks – one will perform the same type of attack again and again and will not need much time for recharging; this will motivate variety. And one interesting fact here is that dexterity doesn’t affect signature moves (a minimum 10-frame cooldown also is resided to them). Still, what will be affected in any case is the speed with which a Legend will use a light attack after a Signature move. Dexterity will also not be able to influence dodge-canceled attacks or the use of chase dodges.

So, now you know what dexterity means in Brawlhalla. We hope that this guide was helpful and you will apply this knowledge into practice in the game. Enjoy playing!

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