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What Does CD Mean in Survivor.io? – Answered

What Does CD Mean in Survivor.io? – Answered

Survivor.io is a fast and frantic fight for survival as you’re the last one standing in a world full of zombies! The hungry undead will come at you from all angles, so you’ll need to stay mobile while fending them off with a variety of weapons, ranging from soccer balls to RPGs! Each item has unique properties to it, and you may have come across the term “CD”. Today, we’re here to answer the question: What does CD mean in Survivor.io? Keep reading below to find out!

CD Explained in Survivor.io

Every weapon or passive item in Survivor.io grants you different kinds of boosts. Some increase your damage, while others make you faster, more durable, and so forth. One item in particular, the Energy Cube, makes it so that all your attacks have reduced CD.

So, what exactly is “CD,” anyway? Well, it’s short for cooldown, a term we’re sure you’ve heard before. Basically, every time one of your active attack skills fires off, like your RPG, Brick, or Boomerang, it goes on cooldown afterwards.

Each attack skill has its own internal cooldown, which is a timer that has to be waited out before the attack can fire again. The longer a skill’s cooldown, the longer you’ll have to wait before it can be fired again. Some harder hitting skills have longer cooldowns to balance them out.

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So, the Energy Cube speeds up your attack skills’ cooldowns so that they can fire faster. Every level of the Energy Cube reduces attack cooldowns by a certain percentage, and when you have it completely maxed out, you’ll be firing off attack skills like no tomorrow.

Needless to say, the Energy Cube pairs well with any attack skills that take a while to cooldown. If you’re stacking a bunch of attack skills with slow cooldowns, it’s probably wise to invest in the Energy Cube.

That concludes our guide on what CD means in Survivor.io. We hope that answers any questions you have about CD, and if you have any other questions, let us know in the comments below! Now back to beating the undead!

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What Does CD Mean in Survivor.io? – Answered


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