What Does a Lightning Rod Do in Minecraft?

Lots of new items and creatures were added to one of the most famous sandbox adventures. We are talking about the 1.17 version update for Minecraft. There are different additions and we are going to tell you about a very remarkable item, the Lightning Rod. This thing, which can be created from 3 Copper Ingots, redirects lightning strikes. Let’s take a closer look at its function.

What Does a Lightning Rod Do

Lightning Rod in Minecraft is an item that redirects lightning hits. The lightning hits the rod instead of the location where it was supposed to hit. It needs to have a clear sky above the rod. If there is a block that gets in the way of lightning strikes, the Lightning Rod won’t work. You can tell when it works by the white particles the working rod emits.

The area of effect is spherical. It is 128 blocks in Java Edition or 64x64x64 blocks in Bedrock Edition. In Bedrock Edition, the Lightning Rod redirects even lightning strikes created by the player, like the ones from trident or summoned by commands. Also, the rod emits a Redstone signal when lightning hits it.

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How to Use a Lightning Rod in Minecraft

Lightning Rod in Minecraft is a very interesting item. Its function to divert lightning strikes in the determined location has a lot of different usages. You can create Zombie Pigmans by putting this rod near your pigs. The other interesting thing is a Redstone signal that the Lightning Rod creates when lightning hits it. You can use it to build some interesting mechanism that you can activate with trident during the rain.

Also, you can use it to prevent Skeleton Trap Horses from spawning in determined are, as redirected by the rod lightning does not spawn them. You can use the Lightning Rod in one of these ways or invent something new. Good luck with your adventures.

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