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What Do Toe Jammers Like in My Singing Monsters

What Do Toe Jammers Like in My Singing Monsters

Breed them, feed them, listen to them sing! As you add more adorable Singing Monsters to your island, upgrading and evolving them as you go, you should know how to keep each one happy.

Every Singing Monster has its own likes and dislikes, and it is up to you to find out what they enjoy to increase their happiness. For Toe Jammer, its interests can range from Furcorns to Hollow Logs, depending on its level. Here is all that the Toe Jammers like in My Singing Monsters.

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Toe Jammers happiness guide

A happy Singing Monster means a rich Singing Monster, as the number of coins they gain increases along with their level and happiness percentage. You can get your Singing Monster to earn a great deal of coins if you keep them near their favorite things and feed them when they need it.

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Happiness can be increased by putting things your Monster likes near it. Each thing placed near the Monster can increase their happiness by 25%, and if four unique objects are near the Singing Monster, the happiness rate can soar to 100%! Of course, every Monster is different, and for the Toe Jammers their likes are as follows:

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  • Furcorn: a double element Monster first discovered on Plant Island (requires level 9)
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  • Pummel: a triple-element Monster first seen on Plant Island (requires level 9)
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  • Riff: a quad-element Monster available on Air Island (requires level 7)
  • Whaddle: a triple-element Fire Monster unlocked in the Fire Oasis (requires level 9)
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  • Flowah: a double-element Fire Monster first seen on Fire Haven (requires level 9)
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  • Uuduk: a triple-element Magical Monster only found on Bone Island (requires level 9)
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  • Directions to Nowhere: a type of decoration bought from the Market. It is a tree stump with a strange sign on it that no one seems to know the meaning of… (requires level 9)
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  • Wild Bagpipe: a type of decoration available to buy from the Market. It is shaped like a cross between the famous Scottish musical instrument and wild reeds which grow by the riverside (requires level 7)
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  • Hollow Log: a decoration available from the Market that consists of a fallen log and a few rocks that keep it in place (requires level 12)
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If you have any four of those Monsters and Decorations on the island near your Toe Jammer, their happiness can get to 100%. Feed them well to level them up and keep them surrounded by things they love, and they will keep you rolling in coins in My Singing Monsters.

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What Do Toe Jammers Like in My Singing Monsters


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