What do Chickens Eat in Minecraft?

What do Chickens Eat in Minecraft?

As you survive in the huge Minecraft world, the character will surely stumble upon the cute representatives of the animal world – chickens. Of course, you can easily kill them right away and get valuable resources that will definitely come in handy during your adventure.

On the other hand, you can study these animals and start breeding. Many experienced players are looking for chickens for creating a farm with the aim of raising a huge number of chickens. And given that there are quite a few of them, in the process of breeding, you can acquire a huge amount of food and other resources that they give.

In this regard, we suggest that you read our guide that will tell you what chickens eat in Minecraft.

What Food Do Chickens Eat in Minecraft?

In order for the chickens to start multiplying, it is necessary to feed two chickens with seeds. For example, wheat seeds, beet seeds, watermelon seeds, and pumpkin seeds are suitable for feeding and breeding chickens. And after they have a chick, it will be possible to breed birds again only after five minutes.

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In addition, you should also know all the chicks that appear will mature within 20 minutes (that is, 1 game day).

None of the chicks that appear are capable of laying eggs until they mature. In addition, due to their small size, they can get through those places where the width and the height do not exceed one block. So you should be careful and plan accordingly.

Experienced players build automatic farms for chickens, where eggs are stacked by themselves due to elementary structures (chest, water, and funnel). Do it, feed the chickens, and get stable food incomes!

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What do Chickens Eat in Minecraft?


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