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What can you Get from Fishing in Minecraft

What can you Get from Fishing in Minecraft
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Minecraft brings survival into a blocky sandbox world where imagination is the only limitation one can face. To get a better survival experience, players can craft fishing rods and go on to catch fish. Surprisingly, fish are not the only item obtained through fishing. In this guide, we have listed all the items players can get from fishing in Minecraft.

List of Items You can Obtain using Fishing Rod in Minecraft

Along with fish, a fishing rod can discover numerous items in the water. When fishing, players can catch an item from three different categories: Fish, Treasure, and Junk.


  • Raw cod
  • Raw salmon
  • Tropical fish
  • Pufferfish


  • Bow with random enchantment and low durability
  • Enchanted book with a random enchantment
  • Enchanted fishing rod with random enchantment and low durability
  • Name tag
  • Nautilus shell
  • Saddle


  • Lily pad
  • Bowl
  • Unenchanted fishing rod with low durability
  • Leather
  • Unenchanted leather boots with low durability
  • Rotten flesh
  • Stick
  • String
  • Water bottle
  • Bone
  • Ink sac
  • Tripwire hook

When fishing in jungle biomes, the loot table is a little different. Along with all other junk items, players may also get cocoa beans and bamboo from fishing in jungle biomes.

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How to Get Better Items from Fishing in Minecraft

Fishing Rod in Minecraft

After going through the loot table, most players will be interested in treasure items. Sadly, treasure items are the rarest to obtain from fishing in Minecraft. However, a couple of enchantments can help increase the chance of getting a treasure item.

Players looking for treasure items should enchant their fishing rods with max levels of Lure and Luck of the Sea. Lure enchantment decreases the wait time for a hook bite, whereas Luck of the Sea increases the chances of getting a treasure item while lowering the chances of getting junk or fish.

Fishing is an easy way to get lots of unique items in Minecraft. With some luck, players might also catch useful treasure items.

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What can you Get from Fishing in Minecraft


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