Best Enchantments for Fishing Rod in Minecraft

Fishing Rod

Fishing is one of the oldest mechanisms in Minecraft. It has been in the game since the early development stage. Not only fish, but players can also get enchanted books, saddles, name tags, nautilus shells, and more by fishing.

A fishing rod is used for fishing in Minecraft. Like other tools, fishing rods can also be enchanted. In fact, fishing rods have access to some interesting exclusive enchantments.

In this article, we have shared the best enchantments for fishing rods in Minecraft.

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Fishing Rod Enchantments in Minecraft

Fishing rod enchantments

A well-enchanted fishing rod can catch treasure items easily. Players can enchant their fishing rod with these enchantments to make it perfect:

Unbreaking and Mending

Both Unbreaking and Mending enchantments are a must-have for all gear in Minecraft. Unbreaking enchantment decreases the chances of durability point reduction, whereas Mending allows players to repair the item using experience points.

An item with these two enchantments lasts longer and becomes easy to repair. With Unbreaking and Mending, players can do fishing infinitely as the fishing rod gets fixed from experience points.

Luck of the Sea

When fishing, players can get items from three categories: Fish, Junk, and Treasure. Luck of the Sea enchantment increases the chances of getting loot from the Treasure category. It is an essential enchantment for fishing rods used in fishing farms.


Lure is a simple enchantment that improves the overall fishing experience in Minecraft. It reduces the waiting time of something biting the hook. At level 3, it lowers the waiting time by 15 seconds which means players can get more items quicker.

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Best Enchantments for Fishing Rod in Minecraft


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