What Can Beat Araquanid in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go, like the other entries in the series, features a lot of different Pokemon that belong to different types and learn different moves. Depending on their type, Pokemon receive more or less damage, and so are more or less effective against other types, something that creates a complex and deep rock-paper-scissors type of gameplay that continues to be extremely engaging to this day.

Araquanid, like every Pokemon available in Pokemon Go, is also subject to these game mechanics. Here’s how to beat this spider Pokemon easily.

What Can Beat Araquanid in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go

Araquanid, like the Pokemon it evolves from, Dewpider, is a Water and Bug-type Pokemon, so to beat it easily in Pokemon Go, you will need to use Flying, Rock and Electric moves.

While there are many different Pokemon in Pokemon Go that can use these moves, there are a few ones that work great as counters to Araquanid. Tapu Koko, for example, can use the Volt Switch, Brave Bird and Thunderbolt moves to deal a lot of damage. Lycanroc (Midday) and Lycanroc (Midnight) also work quite well thanks to the Rock-type moves they can use.

These are only some of the Pokemon that work well against Araquanid, so experiment with your Flying, Rock and Electric-type Pokemon to find what works best for you.

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What Can Beat Araquanid in Pokemon Go


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