What Are Unova Stones Used For in Pokémon Go

What Are Unova Stones Used For in Pokémon Go

Last year, the developers added different and new Pokémon from the Unova region and brought along with them a new in-game item called Unova Stone. But what does this new black-and-white item do and how can players use it in Pokémon Go. Here’s a guide about what Unova Stones are used for in Pokémon Go.

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What are Unova Stones Used For in Pokémon Go

These special Unova Stones are evolutionary items that allow players to evolve certain Pokémon from the Unova region. You can acquire the item from Research Breakthroughs. They also are rewarded to players for Timed Research from events. Currently, there are 7 Pokemon from the Unova region that require an Unova stone to evolve: 

  • Litwick → Lampent → Chandelure
  • Pansear → Simisear
  • Pansage → Simisage
  • Panpour → Simipour
  • Eelektrik → Eelektross
  • Minccino → Cinccino
  • Munna → Musharna

Also, Chandelure and Eelektross need an additional 100 Candy as well as the Unova Stone to evolve. All else only needs 50 Candy and the Unova Stone.

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What Are Unova Stones Used For in Pokémon Go


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