Home Game Guides What are the Purple Crystals in COD Mobile? – Answered

What are the Purple Crystals in COD Mobile? – Answered

What are the Purple Crystals in COD Mobile? – Answered
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COD Mobile is a fun mobile shooter with different modes. One of the modes is Battle Royale in which 100 players fight for the title of the strongest. In this mode, gamers began to notice Purple Crystals for a long time, and in this guide, we will tell you what they are for.

What are the Purple Crystals?

While exploring the map in search of equipment or loot, players began to stumble upon Purple Crystals. They started shooting at them. Crystals are destroyed after a couple of hits. Their destruction looks like an explosion with a slight purple haze. However, this explosion does no damage.

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Unfortunately, there are no official statements from the developers about these Purple Crystals. But fans have several theories about this.

The first is that this is a reference to the zombie mode, which regularly appears and disappears from the game. The theory is based on the fact that these Purple Crystals are very similar to the locations from the zombie mode teaser. Perhaps by shooting them, you will be able to hide from the attention of zombies for a while or get some items like it was in COD: Zombies Outbreak.

And the second theory is that Purple Crystals will become the new currency, which may be useful in the new zombie mode. Many players are already accustomed to destroying these Purple Crystals as soon as they see them. Is this a good habit? We’ll find out with new updates.

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What are the Purple Crystals in COD Mobile? – Answered


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