What Are the Easiest Hordes in Days Gone? – Answered


There are lots of different games that allow you to fight zombies and one of the most interesting among them is called Days Gone. It has huge hordes of walking dead that you will have to defeat. However, if you want to receive some valuable rewards you will have to find the biggest crowds of zombies and beat them. This guide will tell you what hordes are the easiest in Days Gone.

What Are the Easiest Hordes in Days Gone?

Days Gone is an exciting game that allows you to drive your bike across a huge map and fight numerous zombies. In order to get some great rewards, you will have to defeat huge zombie hordes. It seems that some players have problems with this activity and today we are going to help them.

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If you feel that hordes are too hard for you and your weapons are not strong enough to beat all of these zombies then you may want to learn where to find the easiest hordes. So, in this guide, we will provide you with a list of the smallest hordes you can encounter in Days Gone.

Horde NameHorde Size
Horse Lake Horde25
O’Leary Mountain Horde25
Little Bear Lake Horde30
Death King Mine Horde50
Cascade Highway Horde50
Death Train Horde50
Proxy Falls Horde50
Bear Creek Hot Springs Horde50
Shadow Lake Horde50
Marion Forks Horde50
Lava Arch Horde50
Twin Craters Horde50
Belknap Crater Horde50

These are some of the easiest hordes in this game. If you know about other easy hordes then you could share their location in the comment section below this article. Hopefully, our guides will help you to overcome all challenges this game will throw at you. Good luck with your journey in Days Gone!

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What Are the Easiest Hordes in Days Gone? – Answered


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