What Are the Best Units for One Piece Treasure Cruise


One Piece Treasure Cruise is an exciting strategy RPG for mobile devices. Since the game is based on the famous manga and anime created by Eiichiro Oda, it has a huge number of playable characters, and therefore it is very difficult to understand which unit to roll in Gacha. In this guide, we will tell you who are the best units in the game.

What Are the Best Units?

The developers are constantly adding new characters to the One Piece Treasure Cruise, and adjusting the characteristics of the rest to balance the game. However, there are a few units that are too strong.

Let’s start with Ace VS Akainu. This is one of the strongest units in the entire game. Ace is a captain with the class Free Spirit and Shooter. It has an x2 bonus to attack against enemies that are under a burn effect. However, Ace cannot inflict the burn effect on immune enemies. But Akainu inflicts a burn on any enemies after each of his turns. He belongs to the Powerhouse and Driven class. Their combination is incredibly strong.

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The next unit in our top is Big Mom VS Kaido. The pair also work great together as Kaido reduces enemies’ health by 20% each turn and can also deal massive damage. At the same time, Big Mom bypasses all barriers and protective effects. She can also increase her health.

And finally, the strongest captain in the game is Gol D. Roger. His specialty is that he can boost the attack of the entire team from 4.5x to 5x with his abilities. Also, enemies cannot remove buffs from your team, which is very useful. And, of course, Gol D. Roger can deal massive damage.

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What Are the Best Units for One Piece Treasure Cruise


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