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What are Permaboost Shiny Rates in Pokémon Go?

What are Permaboost Shiny Rates in Pokémon Go?
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Pokémon Go is a popular mobile game from the Pokémon series. You’ve probably heard, and maybe seen someone’s Shiny Pokémon. You surely thought that the chance to catch this version of Pokemon is one in a million. In this guide, we’ll walk you through one aspect of Shiny Rates in Pokémon Go.

What are Shiny Rates?

Players play this game for a very long time and analyze every bit of information. Why would you end up creating different Shiny Rates? At its core, this is a set of numbers that displays the chance of catching a Shiny Pokemon in different conditions or places.

Each Pokémon has its rate, so the odds are the same whichever method you use: wild encounters, Eggs, Field Research, or Raid Battles.

But sometimes during events, special types of Pokémon increase their rate. For example, during Community Day, all Pokémon can have 1 in 24.8 rates. This can definitely be considered a holiday because this is the best rate possible.

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What are Permaboost Shiny Rates?

But there are also Pokémon that have a permanent boost in their Rates. It was called Permaboost. Many of these Pokémon initially had good rates in their shiny release. But then they changed to averages and at the end of the events changed the values back to Permaboost. Here are a few that you can find in the wild:

  • Pineco
  • Feebas
  • Sneasel
  • Bronzor
  • Skarmory

The rate of these Pokémon varies from 1 in 47 to 1 in 81.

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What are Permaboost Shiny Rates in Pokémon Go?


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