What Are Mods in Video Games? Explained


The game industry is becoming bigger and bigger, and right now there are lots of new gamers who don’t understand certain phenomenons, definitions, and features. Today we are going to pay attention to a very popular and important part of fan-made content related to this industry. This guide will tell you what are mods in video games and why they are so popular right now.

What Are Mods in Video Games?

Mod means “modification” and you could guess by the name that it modifies your game. Basically, mods work like fan-made content that you can install on your favorite games. Such modifications add various things starting with new weapons or armor sets and ending with new quests or entire locations.

There are lots of mods you can find on the Internet and some of them are really amazing. For example, there were attempts to recreate the worlds of Morrowind and Gothic by using Skyrim as the basis. Yes, there are users who even try to make a new game by modifying another one.

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Why Are Mods So Popular?

Well, the community of modders receives lots of support from various users as they keep their favorite games updated. Such creators produce tons of unique and amazing content for fans of different old and new games. So, of course, they are very popular.

Installing mods can be difficult sometimes. Some games like Skyrim, Oblivion, Minecraft, or Fallout 4 have special modifications called ModManagers. These things work like small apps that allow you to manage your mods and make them really comfortable to install. However, there are many games that don’t have tons of mods and sometimes it will be difficult to modify such projects.

Modding is one of the most exciting things in the modern game industry that can pique your interest in the old projects you’ve already completed. Also, while you are still here, you could check our guide on the best Gorilla Tag mods to download right now. Good luck with your further adventures in your favorite games!

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What Are Mods in Video Games? Explained


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